The Russians launched the quietest submarine

The Kremlin has just taken another step towards modernizing its navy, which has aged slightly in recent years. The Russian defense company Admiralty Shipyards has just launched yet another copy of the world's quietest submarine, the Warsaw.

The ship called Krasnodar is equipped with an electric-powered propulsion system, which makes the unit the quietest underwater boat currently available, which provides a significant advantage over the enemy during wartime operations.

The new ship is part of the Russian Navy's modernization plan, assuming that by 2016, the Black Sea fleet will receive a total of six such units. The Warszawianka class is an upgraded Kilo class, although it is not able to match the level of atomic propulsion in the immersion level and the length under the water. It has a significant advantage over them, because with proper construction, its acoustic detection is practically impossible.

Initially, the Warsaw War Class was formed to combat ships and submarines operating in shallow waters. Its range is 640 km and can be on patrol for up to 45 days. Its armament is very versatile and it can attack targets on land, on water and under water.