Skype for Android with voice and SMS support

Microsoft is preparing for Android a brand new version of Skype. The tool called Skype Mingo will be equipped with the function of calling and sending text messages.

Soon Android smartphone users will soon be able to opt out of standard applications for making phone calls and sending text messages. Microsoft is working on a completely new version of Skype, specifically designed for this mobile platform.

The application is called Skype Mingo and its functionality is slightly different from the standard version of the popular messenger. First and foremost, it takes over the features of making phone calls and sending and receiving text messages, replacing standard Android tools. In addition, it will offer users options such as chatting, voice and video calls, photo sharing and much more.…

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Germany will change unused coal mines in the hydroelectric power plant

The German government has a plan for what to do with closed mines, of which coal is no longer needed. Instead of filling the excavated windows, it will turn them into a highly efficient hydroelectric plant.

Almost the whole world is definitely turning away from coal as a raw material for electricity generation, as it emits too much pollution that threatens human life.

The Germans also close their mines, which are no longer useful, but do not intend to overwhelm them because they have a much better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir use. As reported by Bloomberg, in 2018, when the government’s coal mining subsidies run out, the Prosper-Haniel mine in North Rhine-Westphalia will close. Instead of filling up the windows, they will be transformed into a hydroelectric power plant equipped with pumps.

A new power plant will produce electricity by releasing water that will flow to the lower tank to turn the turbines. Then the water that flows to the bottom of the tank will be pumped back to the upper reservoir for some time.

It will not be the main way to power a nearby city, but rather a spare system used if needed, which will deliver 200 MW of energy. If the project proves successful then more closed mines in the region will be transformed into power plants.…

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The world’s smallest HD screen measures only 4.8 inches

We recently presented you the world’s largest HD screen, which stands on one race track for car racing, and now it’s time for the smallest high-definition screen, which is only 4.8 inches diagonally.

It was built by Ortus Technology, which managed to create a diagonal screen of just 4.8 inches displaying the image in full HD at 1920×1080 pixels. The screen displays 458 pixels per inch, so everything we look at it is incredibly sharp and expressive. Optionally, the manufacturer can equip the screen with a polarizing coating, transforming it into a 3D display without the need for glasses, but in this case the vertical resolution would be reduced to half.…

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ESPN will help the American army

American armed forces rarely ask for help from civilians, but sometimes they simply do not have the strength. That is why the US Air Force has asked ESPN to help with the analysis of the recordings made by the drones.

The American Air Force uses hundreds of drones, which, when performing missions around the world, record tons of video. Only in 2011, there were as many as 327,384 hours of recordings, of which military analysis alone can not cope. And many of these recordings can be very important and you need to analyze them quickly.

The Army decided that it was best for ESPN, which has to analyze every day a huge number of video recordings from various sports games because it has the technology and knowledge to quickly process the collected data.

David Deptula, former Air Force general, said that Army representatives will work with ESPN to improve their skills and gain experience in training.…

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Single speaker from BOSE to any TV

Single Solo TV is elegant, works well as a living room sound system, makes watching TV more enjoyable.

The Bose Solo system greatly improves the quality of listening to dialogues, music, action scenes and sound effects on television programs. The Solo TV system incorporates a special Bose patented digital signal processing technology that delivers deep, full details of pure sound. Users can hear dynamic and natural sound even at low volume. No matter what kind of television program, the sound quality is always of the highest quality.

“Over the years, the quality of the television image has improved dramatically, which can not be said for sound,” said Doug Lankford, Marketing of Home Cinema Systems at Bose. “The Bose Solo TV sound system has been developed for TV lovers who do not want to use home cinema systems. Just listen to see how far you’ve been watching your favorite shows. ”

The Bose Solo TV system is only 7.1 inches high, 52.6 centimeters wide and just over 30 centimeters deep. It will work with any TV but is designed to be placed directly under flat-panel televisions, whose base dimensions do not exceed 51 cm wide and 26 cm deep. These requirements meet most models of diagonal TVs up to 32 inches (81 cm) and 40-42 inches (102-107 cm).

Installation and use are simple. The Bose Solo TV system is connected to the TV with only one cable. The other one should be plugged into an electrical outlet. There is no need to install additional equipment or wiring. The system is supplied with a remote control, but it can also be operated with most universal remotes.…

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Premiere of the Manta PowerTab MID14 DVB

Manta Multimedia has launched a multifunction tablet with built-in DVB-T tuner.

The Manta PowerTab MID14 is equipped with a 1.2 GHz Telechip Tcc8923 processor and 1 GB of RAM. On its board is the Ice Cream Sandwich – the latest version of Android is 4.0.3, which allows you to maximize the use of the device dormant. The device is powered by a 2800 mAh battery, which allows four hours of continuous operation.

The unique feature of the tablet is a built-in DVB-T tuner for receiving terrestrial digital TV signals. The 800 x 480 pixel, seven-inch screen allows you to view your video, including HD channels in perfect quality in almost any situation.

The Manta PowerTab MID14 Tablet has a seven-inch diagonal seven-inch TFT screen. Its high contrast gives you a clear picture even in harsh light, so that even on a cheerful summer day, we can easily watch movies or play games. The large number of supported formats of images, music and video makes all of our files playable without any problem. The built-in USB connector allows you to connect various devices such as pendrives or 3G modems, and the microSD card reader allows you to increase the built-in memory. The HDMI port allows for easy and intuitive connection of the tablet to a TV or monitor.…

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Twitter closes Vine

As part of company restructuring and cost cutting Twitter closes the Vine service. This is an application that allows you to record and publish short videos of 6 seconds. Portal took over a few years ago for $ 30 million.

The Twitter executive this week has announced a number of changes that will help reduce the cost of the portal and maybe the company will finally start to make some money. The first stage of the change is staffing, specifically the plan to release 350 people. According to calculations, it can bring annual savings of up to $ 20 million.

Twitter also gets rid of unprofitable endeavors, including Vine. This is an application that allows users to record short, only 6 seconds of video, which the portal purchased a few years ago for $ 30 million. Initially Vine quickly gained popularity among independent artists. However, after some time most of them moved to the more popular Instagram, which offered longer films. Vine has so little interest, so Twitter decided to get rid of it.…

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Adblock Fast returns to the Google Play Store

A few days ago, Google decided to remove Adblock Fast, a tool used to block ads from the Google Play Store digital store. By the way, a couple of other similar programs have been removed. The Internet giant apparently decided that the decision was taken too hastily because the application had just returned to the digital store.

Pretty recently, Samsung announced that its corporate web browser, available for smartphones, is equipped with plug-in support to block ads displayed on the pages viewed, and one such application is Adblock Fast.

The creators of the program may have been surprised by Google’s announcement of the removal of Adblock Fast from the Google Play Store. The company explained that the app violates Section 4.4 of the developer’s agreement, which is interfering with the operation of the device or network, and therefore the sale has been suspended.

The Rocketship company responsible for creating the app appealed against this decision, and it was an effective appeal because the program returned to the digital store. However, Google did not give a comprehensive explanation, which would allow us to understand the motives of the company that led to the earlier removal of the program.…

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Prison for visiting the ISIS support page

French media reports that a man sentenced to visiting ISIS support site. The defendant has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and must pay 30,000 euros in fines.

The fight against the Islamic State must be ruthless, because only in this way can the threat be eliminated. But sometimes it takes on a strange form, as in the case of a man living in France who will serve two years in prison and pay a fine for visiting the ISIS supporter.

The man regularly visited one of the websites supporting the Islamic State. Although during the investigation he tried to defend himself, claiming that he was only peering out of pure curiosity, it showed that he was a bit more committed to supporting jihadists than he claimed.

His computer had ISIS ‘Daesh flag set as wallpaper and the computer password was a reference to the terrorist attack that took place in Paris during the Eagles of Death Metal concert. The police on his phone also found many pictures and films related to the Islamic State.

Although no evidence was found that the man was planning an attack. However, a radical change in his appearance (he grew beard and began to wear military garb), and behavior, did not allow such an eventuality to exclude.…

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Mobile payments increase profits from vending machines

Recent research conducted by US technology specialists shows that Apple Pay brings great benefits to vending machines. The mobile payment system significantly raises their profits.

Vending machines stand practically everywhere and offer a very wide range of products, from coffee and food to electronics and gold. However, their drawback is the issue of payment, as they usually do not accept large denominations. We do not always have enough small ones to make a purchase, so we often give up.

However, the situation has changed the appearance of mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay, which are supported by such machines. According to a six-month study conducted by USA Technologies, Apple’s technology has contributed to a significant increase in the revenue of such sales vending machines.

The report shows that customers spend more money on it if they can make a phone payment. Total revenue growth was as much as 135 percent, which is sure to be enjoyed by owners of such devices. The researchers also found that Apple Pay is the most used payment system in vending machines and accounts for 36.5 percent of total sales.…

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